Day One

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

At $1.19 per pound, millet has been the cheapest grain in the bulk aisle since I started comparing bulk grain prices. (It was $.89 per pound when I looked the first time, then three days later when I looked again it was $1.19. I decided to stop looking.)

My plan was to get millet, cornmeal, chickpeas, sunflower seeds, and salt, and have one meal of porridge (a.k.a. cornmeal mush) and one meal of millet and chickpeas, and either toast the sunflower seeds and mix them with the millet dish or eat them as snacks.

So today I get to the store and find the millet bin empty.


So instead of millet I get wheat berries, which are also $1.19 per pound, but take longer to cook. But they are very filling, and might have actually been a better option for Day One. Also I substituted split peas for chickpeas, since for some reason chickpeas and wheat berries didn’t seem like a good combination, and split peas are half the price of chickpeas.

What I Bought

What I Bought on Day One

Day One

Day One Receipt

I don’t think anything I ate today is likely to make it onto my next party menu, but it wasn’t bad. And I came in well under my Day One limit of $2.

3 Responses to “Day One”

  1. fivecats Says:

    especially with that *cough* *cough* 10¢ “Bag Refund” factored in.

    so, to clarify, what is pictured (above) was food for all of Day 1 and Day 2?

  2. lessisenough Says:

    Correct, that picture is of food for at least Day One and Day Two.

    I just finished the rest of the cornmeal that I had cooked up on Tuesday (day one), and there is still between a quarter and a half cup not cooked. I also didn’t finish all the sunflower seeds yet, and there is plenty of salt left for the beans and rice. The wheat berries and split peas are gone.

    I’m going to have at least one more day of cornmeal for breakfast but am going to probably get some oats or some other grain (maybe the millet will be back?) for the next round.

  3. […] at Less is Enough used the approach of buying very small quantities of food as she needed them.  She allowed herself $2 the first day and bought tiny amounts of wheat berries, cornmeal, split peas, sea salt, and sunflower seeds. […]

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