Less is Enough Hero #1

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I’m going to include some info about people I find inspiring, who may or may not be food related. I’m not necessarily adding them in order of importance, but here’s the first (non food related) person.

Osceola McCarty

Osceola McCarty

I read about Osceola McCarty when she passed away in 1999. At the time I was trying to help a friend straighten out a financial mess she’d gotten herself into, and I cut out the obituary from Newsweek and sent it to my friend.

I said if this woman who left school after sixth grade and spent her whole life washing other people’s clothes and cleaning other people’s houses can manage to save $150,000 to give to a university she’d never even been to, you can figure out a way to pay your credit card bill every month.

There’s a great portrait of Miss McCarty by Annie Leibovitz that I saw a few years ago at a show at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, DC. It’s included in the book Women.

Here’s a link to the article about Miss McCarty’s donation to the University of Mississippi.


And here’s a link to a page with links to other articles about her.


3 Responses to “Less is Enough Hero #1”

  1. MaryAnn Says:

    Oseola McCarty is one of my heroes too. In my before-children life, I taught elementary school, and I posted a quote from her book on my classroom bulletin board:

    “There’s a lot of talk about self-esteem these days. It seems pretty basic to me. If you want to feel proud of yourself, you’ve got to do things you can be proud of. Feelings follow actions.”

    Enjoying this adventure of yours!

  2. S Says:

    Thanks for reminding me of this great woman. I love what you told your friend – a truly great point.

  3. sam Says:

    thank you for sharing this. it’s too long a story to explain, but i really needed to read this right now.

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