Day Nine

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Believe it or not, I have a backlog of leftovers to work through, so I didn’t buy anything today. So no pictures for Day Nine.

My meals today were both pretty normal—somewhat smaller than what I would typically eat, but otherwise about average. I feel like I’m out of subsistence mode. Feels pretty good. (Though a little boring. Now I really am going to feel like I’m writing up my grocery list.)

For meal one, I had a soft-boiled egg and corncake muffins and the tangerine I bought yesterday. (And thanks for the suggestion, fivecats. I zested the tangerine before eating, so I have some orange peel to use in a future recipe. Let me know if you have any ideas for less-than-a-dollar items that would be improved by orange zest.)

For meal two, I had the rest of the curried eggs over a fresh batch of rice. (They were better today than yesterday, not sure if it was the meal or the day. Could have been both.)

And tomorrow I have $2.30 to spend, which feels like a vast sum of money.

[And a note for those of you who didn’t make it all the way through the Project Rules

The reason I’m having two meals a day is not because that’s all I have food for, but because that’s what I normally eat. After seven years of self-employment I’ve ended up with the schedule of a teenage boy—I sleep late in the morning and work late at night. While on this schedule, my body has decided that it likes one late morning/early afternoon meal and one late afternoon/early evening meal. So that’s what I usually eat, and that’s what I’m eating for the project.]

2 Responses to “Day Nine”

  1. fivecats Says:

    A Day of Leftovers for Day Nine? wow. that’s pretty impressive and, i think, speaks to your level of planning.

    orange zest will improve muffins, toast (mix in with your margarine), and even the rice & beans. (lime might seem more ‘traditional’ but i think fresh orange would work out nicely, too.

  2. Sharon Says:

    For orange or tangerine zest:

    Cook with rice for Fragrant Orange Rice.

    Make a warm orange tea water using just the zest steeped in water. It’s also good chilled in the summer. If you go to the store with bulk sugar, a little of that is good too. If you get an apple, cut out and save the core before eating, remove the seeds and simmer that in water before making the tea to sweeten it. You can remove the core, mash and eat like applesauce or mash and leave in.


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