Day Ten

Thursday, February 19, 2009

What I Bought on Day Ten

What I Bought on Day Ten

I started a long post dealing with the “Aren’t you hungry?” question, but need to wrap up a few other things before I can finish that and put it up. Hopefully tomorrow.

Day Ten was a pretty good day.

For meal one, I finished up the rest of the muffins and a little bit of chopped cabbage that I had fogotten about, along with the last of the wheat berry/cabbage stew (which, frankly I was sort of dreading, but it tasted pretty good by the time I got around to it—I think that’s another one that got better as the days wore on).

For meal two I had PASTA!

It was so exciting.

Also I have to say that I have a new appreciation for items that come with spices already in them. I had always been a little snobby about that, but now I definitely see the point.

I was able to make a lovely marinara sauce by combining a can of Italian-style diced tomatoes with a can of tomato sauce, and adding a clove of garlic. (Because everything is better with a clove of garlic.)

It was good and there’s a lot of it left, so I’ll be looking to add some vegetables to that over the next few days.

What I Ate on Day Ten

What I Ate on Day Ten

Sorry the picture is fuzzy. By the time I realized it was out of focus, the meal was long gone.

I also bought an orange and a tangerine, but didn’t eat them yet, and there was a small snafu on that purchase.

I specifically told the checkout person that one was a tangerine (which are 5 for $1) and one was an orange (which are 4 for $1). So she rang it up and it came to $0.50 plus tax and I had a total delayed reaction and didn’t realize until I was out in the parking lot that that was wrong.

Normally I would have let it go—pretty much every time I make a purchase in my regularly scheduled life at least one thing is wrong (and contrary to popular perception, it is not always in the store’s favor)—but at this particular point in time I really need that nickel so I turned around and went back into the store and went to the customer service desk and explained my situation.

There’s one woman behind the counter and one in front and they both look at me for a minute then one of them says, “Okay, what would you like us to do about it?”

I say, “I’d like my nickel.”

And they look at me for another minute.

So we walk over to the register and they ring it up but a phone call comes in while the one woman is ringing it up so she’s not really paying attention and she rings it up as a quarter. She hands me the quarter and I look at it and then point out to the other woman that I asked for a nickel and they gave me a quarter.

So she reaches over the counter and unlocks the cash drawer and opens it and puts the quarter back and gives me a nickel.

And I leave. Another satisfied customer.

So the receipt is wrong, but I noted on there the correct amount.

[Also note that I didn’t buy anything yesterday, and the day before I spent $0.70, so I actually had $2.29 to work with today.]

Receipt Day Ten

Receipt Day Ten

4 Responses to “Day Ten”

  1. fivecats Says:

    visionaries are always misunderstood in their own lifetimes. despite the comedic respite from the rest of your food-centric trip, you’re still on the right(eous) path.

    pasta and sauce likely was exciting due to the plain (“white”) pasta converting to sugars/carbs so quickly in your system. you’ve been (likely) lacking a lot of that lately, despite the “sugary” jiffy mix corn muffins.

    pre-seasoned (or, pre-“seasoned”) anythings are, imho, to be at least viewed with high levels of suspicion and, typically, avoided. granted, i am something of a snob in this regard as well. during tomato season i make homemade tomato sauce, from scratch, and season to our own taste. (tomatoes, btw, contain flavors that are only activated with the addition of alcohol, making the addition of red wine — something well out of your price range — a necessity) during the Off Season we start with a reasonable jar of sauce and then Doctor It Up with wine, fresh veggies and our own spices.

    still, when you’re down to basically salt i suppose any spiced port in a storm will do.

    “Because everything is better with a clove of garlic.”

    first, i am a huge garlic lover. garlic bread should be bread drenched in butter with at least a full head of sauted garlic in it, with all of the minced garlic, of course. (for a full, long loaf of french bread TWO head of garlic are far better than only one)

    luckily our daughter shares this definition with me.

    whenever i hear the phrase “everything is better with a clove of garlic” i think of chocolate — unless i hear the phrase “everything is better with a chocolate” when i think of garlic.

    second, i think of beer. beer and chocolate ranks a Maybe. beer and garlic ranks an I Don’t Think So. (although Papazian tells the story in ” The Complete Joy of Homebrewing” of some fanatic homebrewers who were desperately trying to get him to sample their homebrewed Garlic Beer.

    (i, personally, would have tried it)

    (then again, i also put one red cayenne pepper each from our garden into six bottles of homebrew once. several weeks later i tried a bottle and it was genuinely like drinking liquid fire. i could not finish the bottle. a week or so later i had convinced myself that it could not have been that bad. i opened another bottle… and quickly poured the other four bottles out to save myself future pain)

  2. lessisenough Says:

    Once when I was in college, we dipped oreos in beer. It was pretty good. (If my friend Debbie is reading this, maybe she’ll weigh in on that … though it was a long time ago, she might not remember.)

    Over Christmas, I had a chocolate bar with chili peppers and cherries in it, and mentioned in an earlier comment that I read recently about a local chocolatier making chocolate covered bacon. (I’m not making that up, I swear.)

    I’m willing to bet that someone somewhere has combined garlic with chocolate and is selling it for at least $30 an ounce.

    And I’m telling you, the Italian-style store-brand tomatoes are GOOD.

  3. Mrs Embers Says:

    I can’t believe the prices you find for some stuff- $0.59 for a can of tomato?! Around here even a small can would be well over a dollar!

  4. lessisenough Says:

    I think I noted in some other comments that even I was surprised at some of the prices I found. Particularly at the SuperTarget, which I don’t normally shop at because it isn’t convenient, and also at the Latino markets, most of which I’d never been into before I started researching for the project.

    So that was one of my lessons — check out all the stores near you, you might be suprised at some of the prices. Target especially has amazing deals on store brands and also they have great specials on name brands. That’s because they sell everything there — cell phones and DVD players and sneakers and underwear and lamps and vacuums. They just want to get you in the store.

    One of my friends told me a story about her $98 brownie mix — she went to Target to get a box of brownie mix and while she was there picked up a few other things and when she checked out, it was $98. So that’s why they’ll sell tomatoes for $0.59 and tomato sauce for $0.22.

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