Day Twelve

Saturday, February 21, 2009

What I Bought on Day Twelve

What I Bought on Day Twelve

When I was little, my dad used to listen to this Burl Ives song called The Fox, which is about a fox going into town and breaking into the coop with the geese and ducks and stealing a couple of them and taking them home with him for a feast.

The song’s chorus includes something about “a couple of you are gonna grease my chin” —and that’s all I could think of while cooking up my chicken leg today. All that good grease and chicken fat. It was beautiful.

I cooked the mutant chicken leg (not sure if you can tell from the picture, but this leg is huge, it’s over a pound) with salt and garlic. (Went back and forth about whether to use the onion, but I bought a really small one because I wasn’t exactly sure what the price was and was worried I might go over; since there’s not much of it, I decided I should save it for tomorrow.)

Let the chicken cool then took it off the bone and cut it into pieces and mixed a few ounces of it with some cooked pasta and marinara for an upgraded version of the meal I’ve had the last two days. Saved the rest for later. (Total cooked was about 9 ounces, which is three pretty good sized servings.)

Day Twelve Meal Two

Day Twelve Meal Two

And the picture of the pasta was totally fuzzy again! Not sure what’s going on with that. Maybe the pasta is moving. Excessive brownian motion or something.

Meal one was also more or less a repeat, but a slight upgrade so I took a picture—two scrambled eggs (up from one hard-boiled egg) with biscuits and an orange.

Day Twelve Meal One

Day Twelve Meal One

The meals are looking better, no?

Hopefully that will continue.

Receipt Day Twelve

Receipt Day Twelve

4 Responses to “Day Twelve”

  1. fivecats Says:

    the meals may be looking “more complete” (or at least “more filling”) but the follow-up question needs to be “how are you feeling about these meals?”

    are you feeling well and healthy? are you hungry? do you feel yourself getting more easily tired during the day? are you sleeping better? are you spending a LOT of your time each day thinking about food? (more than what you’d expect to spend given your money restrictions)

  2. lessisenough Says:

    I was hungry the first week (and will at some point finish the “are you hungry” post but haven’t managed to get to it) but since last Monday, overall I’m much less hungry than usual, and feel much better both before and after eating. I’m also expending hardly any psychic energy at all thinking about food (except on Saturday when something made me think of the Melting Pot and all I could think of what that endless stream of food you get there, and the big bowls of chocolate at the end). I know what I’m cooking and there aren’t really any decisions to make so there’s much less than usual to think about.

    Also my dishes are really easy to do, no grease and no pots and pans.

    In terms of how I feel otherwise, I haven’t really noticed much difference. I’m still biking and walking most places and sleep is the same and no more or less tired than usual.

    Having to go to the store every day has been a bit of a pain, and having to go to different stores to get the lowest price on various things has been even more of a pain, especially because none of the stores I go to are anywhere near each other.

    The main problem has been having to take pictures of everything and write abou it. If it weren’t for that, the project would be a breeze.

  3. Ted Says:

    Hey Bun,

    That song is The Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night. I had never heard of the song before I met Sarah but she and her family used to sing it all the time as kids as well. Somewhere in our kids’ bookshelves is a picture book (With the song’s name as its title) with great illustrations to accompany the lyrics.

    On another note, when do Circus Peanuts come into your meal plan? They have good nutrition, right?

  4. lessisenough Says:

    Circus peanuts are for week 4, along with a big box of Twizzlers. (I thought of you a few weeks ago when I was in the Giant in Arlington and passed the bargain aisle. Good to know it’s still there…)

    Next time I see you and Sarah we can have a Burl Ives sing-a-long.

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