Thursday, February 26, 2009

I think there will be more to add to this, but here’s one for starters…

Here’s a nice article in the New York Daily News about my project.

(And just one comment about the article… I might have said that, but I think what I meant was “If I can do this with $1, think of what you can do with $5 or $10.” I would have trouble with $10; I’m flummoxed by abundance.)

3 Responses to “Links”

  1. Mommy4ever Says:

    Great job! I can see you are devoted to this in showing that wholesome food is affordable with some forethought.

    You asked for some ideas. Another grain to try is quinoa. I use it for all times of day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    If you can, get a small amount of flour and that will stretch what you can make too, as well as a baking powder, you should be able to find it in the bulk section and it’s really cheap for a tbsp or 2.

    If you decide to get chicken again, get a dried apricot or 2, chop it up and soak it. If cooked with the chicken and say a little vinegar( I use french dressing) in a crockpot, served over rice and a veggie, it’s divine.

    Chop up a banana and freeze it, add a couple slices that to your morning meal, the banana will be sweeter and add what you’re missing from your oats.

    I don’t recall, did you have oil? If so, saute some garlic, then add cooked quinoa and add some spinach, it is divine. A little pinch of salt is all you need.

    You have tempted me to try this, but I cook for 10 most So it’s hard to pinpoint. I have survived on $400 a month, which would work out to $1.30 a day. So i can come in close. I would rather have $2 a day per person. That builds a pantry of staples and food in the freezer too.


  2. lessisenough Says:

    These are all good ideas, and when I’m cooking normally (for ~$3/day) I do things like this. But the way I structured the project made some things that I normally do very easily very hard. I can’t really get baking supplies for a good price, and also with only 30 days, it’s not that cost-effective unless I were to get them early in the project so I could make use of them through the whole project period. So I’ve been using mixes, which are very cheap and not as good as homemade (more sugar and salt that I would use) but not bad.

    Also I don’t have oil or vinegar, same problem. You can get really a lot for not that much money, but it’s too much when you only have a dollar. I was able to use chicken fat for the fried rice and that was good. I haven’t missed oil as much as I thought I would, but it does limit what I can cook. I can get quinoa in the bulk bins, though it’s more than millet, so I’ve been getting millet instead. I think if I were doing it for longer I’d want more variety but for just a month this is fine.

    I think $2 or $3 a day per person is much better, you can do pretty much whatever you need to if you do things like you suggest. But it’s been interesting seeing what I can do with just a dollar.

  3. fivecats Says:

    you’re right — the daily news “got” what you’re doing. well done!

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