Day Twenty-Eight

Monday, March 9, 2009

What I Bought on Day Twenty-Eight

What I Bought on Day Twenty-Eight

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I’m so close to the end that I temporarily stopped planning and thinking about what I was doing. Not such a good idea.

Had bran muffins and a tangerine for Meal One, and spent the afternoon sitting in a chair working without moving much, and when I was done and stood up realized that a high-sugar, low-fat, meal was probably not going to work at this point in my life.

I think how I felt this afternoon is probably how some people imagine I’ve been feeling the whole time—weak and lightheaded and hungry. But I really hadn’t felt like that at all before this afternoon.

At first I figured it was temporary and I’d get through it but then decided eating sooner rather than later was probably in my best interest, so had the rest of the fabulous yakisoba, then some of the remaining black beans, then cooked an egg and ate that. Felt better after a little protein.

Then headed over to the Whole Foods and got enough steel-cut oats and sunflower seeds to carry me through to Wednesday, along with a very exciting purchase … yogurt!

So had a second round of meals—steel-cut oats with toasted sunflower seeds and yogurt—after getting back from the store. And I think I’m recovered.

A number of people have commented on the lack of dairy in my eating plan (and I use the term “eating plan” loosely—remember, I’ve only got a dollar to work with), and I generally do eat some dairy, but it’s relatively expensive and it’s not all that filling, so it wasn’t high on my priority list for these 30 days.

If I was less of a masochist and had structured the project so I could use things from my pantry and charge myself the unit cost, I would definitely have used nonfat dry milk. It doesn’t taste good to drink (or at least I personally don’t think it does, other people might like it) but it’s great for cooking, and I consider it an essential pantry item. It keeps indefinitely and it allows you to make all kinds of things—macaroni and cheese, pancakes, muffins, casseroles with a white sauce—without having to go to the store for milk. I buy a big box that lasts me for a year (or more) for around $8.

I looked in preparation for this project, but the cheapest box I could get was $3, and it’s not available in the Whole Foods bulk bins. (The Durham Food Co-op used to have it bulk, which was great. But no more Durham Food Co-op, so no go on that.)

So I haven’t had any dairy, but at this point, I have enough “meals” to get me through the next two days, so I can spend my dollar on extras. And today I went with yogurt.

For those of you with nonfat dry milk in your pantry, I’m going to share one of my favorite recipes. I’ve seen this called by a bunch of different names in a bunch of different places (including Martha Stewart Living magazine).

This version is from Economical Recipes for Small Families, and I eat this often as a snack or for dessert, especially in the summer when I’m biking a lot. It’s like my own personal version of an energy bar.

Nutritious Uncooked Candy

Nutritious Uncooked Candy

It’s even more (delicious) with chocolate chips, so if I have those around, I put some in.

Receipt Day Twenty-Eight

Receipt Day Twenty-Eight

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5 Responses to “Day Twenty-Eight”

  1. Melina Says:

    It was so fun to read your candy recipe and see my mil’s recipe for moon balls! She would always make this recipe with the kids when she came to visit and would have them roll the cut pieces in coconut, granola or chopped nuts. She would sometimes roll it around a date, for an extra surprise inside.
    I’ve enjoyed your food journey so much. Great inspiration!

  2. fivecats Says:

    posting a candy recipe?

    you must -really- be close to Day 31! :)

  3. fivecats Says:

    speaking of which, i’m equally curious to know what you eat on Days 31-34, why and how your body reacts to the infusion of the different types of food you eat.

    (i’m especially curious to know if you end up with any food cravings and what they might say about the types of food/nutrients your body has been lacking over the past 30 days)

  4. CleanSimple Says:

    Those were a favourite grade school project recipe that I made at home too. We always rolled them in crushed cornflakes…so good back then! Gotta try them again.

  5. […] Groceries/Food/Eating Out: Listen, meal points are over and guess what, grocieres dont keep getting cheaper. So yes, it will be a culture shock and yes, you will need to learn to cook some things. First, pack your lunch. Don’t worry – those higher-ups expect it. I used to do a lot of bags of string cheese, yogurts, jell-os, wheat thins. I would buy the packs of veggie burgers and microwave them at lunch. Or – if you’re an anti microwave person, make an extra serving at dinner and pack it up for the next days. It’s okay, when you’re a big CEO or VP one day, you’ll be eat all those lunches out you had dreamed of, but now, brown-bag it. Also, just a tip that I learned very painfully: buying a 12pack of Diet Coke was way cheaper than buying a can for $1.06 every day and was less calories than buying a bottle every day. Also, you’d be surprised at how economically friendly fresh produce is vs. those boxes of mac and cheese. I did a lot of “sauteed veggies + pasta” dinner in my day and if you’re juest cooking for one its not as bad as you may expect. And, if you need inspiration/recipes, check out this lady who did $1 a day for a month: My personal fave is what I like to call “Low Rent Candy.” […]

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