I Heard There’s a Party…

Friday, March 13, 2009

Once when I was in high school, my friends and I planned a party at my house when my parents were out for the night. It was supposed to be a small party, just us and a few other people we invited, but once the party started some kind of Bat Signal went out and half the school heard about it and ended up at my house. Including other people’s parties that never got off the ground, they just brought their whole party—people, beer, music—over to my place.

There were a gazillion people there, half of them I didn’t even know who they were. It was crazy.

Something made me think of that story the other day. Not sure what.

3 Responses to “I Heard There’s a Party…”

  1. Andrew Says:

    I just heard your story on WUNC and I used to live close to the Compare foods in Durham – where I assume (based on your mention of Elmo’s Diner) you also live. At any rate, I found the story quite inspiring and I e-mailed it to my wife this morning. Hope things are going well and I’m glad to hear that your story is getting coverage on NPR.


  2. Amy Says:

    It must be a bit overwhelming. I think what makes your story stands out is its not about “look at all the free jello you can get by clipping coupons!” Most “frugal food” stories I have seen are about how to get massive amounts of bad food for the least amount of money. I think there is a real fear of saying, hey, if you are broke, you may have an empty refrigerator, but its OK, you could stand to lose a little weight, and here is how to keep yourself going. I noticed the bulk food discrepancy in the show, and puzzled about that at the time, because I knew you were not hauling large amounts of food home. I think it was just too un-American an idea for the hosts, to think of not buying large quantities at a time. I appreciate your take on this, and I think lots of us struggle with how we really feed ourselves vs what we think is the correct way to shop.

  3. Melissa Says:

    In high school, when my folks went out of town, I was always a bit paranoid (much to their relief, I’m sure) that if I were to invite anyone over for a party, the same would happen with the bat signal and I’d have five kajillion people over with beer, music and craziness. Yikes. Kudos to you for surviving it! And thank you, again, for this wonderful project… it’s been a very throught-provoking treat to read along. I wish I were able to take the time to do something similar, so I have a bit of jealousy. I wonder if you were thinking of this high school party because of how big your blog/dollar a day project has become? Since so many know about it now, and many people seem to be talking about it, it isn’t always you that explains the reasoning and thoughts behind the adventure, much like how it was somebody else who put up that darn bat beacon…? I don’t know, of course… Just a thought. Regardless, thank you again…

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