Paging Doctor Bombay

Sunday, October 18, 2009

We have an Artists’ Marketplace at The Scrap Exchange, where we sell things made by local artists who are using reused/reclaimed/repurposed materials in their work. During the holidays, we expand that into the Green Gallery with Craftland, a juried show curated by Scrap board member Megan Risley and some of her friends on the NC Triangle Street Team.

The Craftland opening was this past Friday night, and Megan and her people did an amazing job this year—we have some really great stuff, and I totally fell in love with this sculpture.

My New Friend

My New Friend

The artist is a guy named Brian Mergenthaler and I talked to him a little on Friday about his work. He said he takes apart old typewriters and broken sewing machines and whatever old machines he can get his hands on. He said he basically just takes the machines apart, then sorts out all the metal pieces—separate buckets for things that look like heads, faces, legs, etc.—then welds the various pieces together to make a sculpture.

He said he had been mostly making bigger pieces but decided to do some smaller things that people might actually be able to afford, so in this year’s Craftland he has a bunch of totally cool little things that are quite reasonably priced. They’re all great!

I bought the Witch Doctor, mostly because I love it, but also because one of my friends was joking with me about how I’m a witch doctor because I know how to solve all kinds of weird random problems—answering tax questions and fixing computers and getting rid of moldy smells in closets. Basically whenever my friends have a question about something, they call me first to see if I have suggestions. (After Ann told me she thinks of me as a witch doctor, I told her that I’m actually a witch, and she said she was going to say that but thought I might be offended.)

So anyway, I wanted to show off my little sculpture, and say that any of you readers in the Durham vicinity should come to The Scrap Exchange between now and the end of the year and check out Craftland. It’s worth the trip.

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