Week Two

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Week Two was a little crazy.

I think some people tend to spend more money when things get crazy, they eat out or buy prepared food from the grocery or get take-out, but I actually tend to spend less because I end up skipping meals and/or eating what I have around, and often I go for the lowest common denominator of straight carbs.

That’s pretty much what happened in Week Two.

I had a deadline and a work meeting on Tuesday (separate projects), and a seminar on Wednesday that started at 8:00am and was 45 minutes from my house, plus another project I was trying to finish up by the end of the week.

So money-wise things were fine, but whole grain and vegetable-wise not so great.

I started out on the right foot with a trip to Compare for some fruit, and I also bought a sweet potato/yam while I was there, because I was hoping to make some kind of whole-grain stew thing with sweet potatoes.

Week Two, Receipt One

Monday is actually kind of a blur, I’m not exactly sure what I ate but I think it was oatmeal and fruit, and then soup — or something else from the freezer — for dinner.

On Tuesday, I had a Thai chicken wrap at Mad Hatter’s before my meeting, and often when I eat out, that’s my only real meal for the day. Restaurant portions tend to be so large that someone my size doesn’t really need to eat again. Also I ended up being out late working, so even if I had wanted to eat, I’m not sure what I would have done.

I went to bed very late on Tuesday and then had to get up very early on Wednesday — I’ve had naps that are longer than I slept on Tuesday. I went to the seminar, and I was tired but not at all tempted by all the little pastries and sweet rolls they had, I’m not sure why. Usually when I’m tired, I’m very happy to eat sugar. It was really cold in the room so maybe that had something to do with it. But for whatever reason, I was not interested in eating.

So I got back from that some time after 12:30pm or so and went to the gym and headed towards Whole Foods.

I was planning on making the Peanut Millet with Curried Vegetables for dinner that night, but by the time I was getting to the store, I was really hungry and really tired and decided I needed to eat sooner rather than later and deal with the curried vegetables at some future point.

Week Two, Receipt Two

Week Two, Receipt Three

So first I went to Bruegger’s and bought a bag of day-old bagels (I rarely buy fresh bagels, because I slice them and put them in the freezer, so by the time I eat them they’re all more than a day old anyway), and then went to Whole Foods and picked up things for the curried vegetables — red onion, carrots, mushrooms, and peanuts (Unsalted Peanut Bu) plus a quart of milk (Mapleview Dairy in a glass bottle; I’ll get the $1.50 back when I return the bottle) and some bacon (Applewood Loose Sm). And some bananas.

My plan was to make a bagel sandwich with scrambled eggs and bacon, which is my favorite thing to eat when I’m very hungry.

At some point in the past, I tried the bacon in the package, but the bacon you get from the butcher is a million times better, and I like being able to buy a few slices at a time; I seem to ration it better when I have just a little in the freezer. I think I got 3 slices this day — around a quarter of a pound — but a slice of loose bacon is equivalent to two slices of the packaged kind. It’s thicker.

So I made the bagel sandwich, with spinach in the eggs for a little green, and had that with a fruit smoothie (apple juice, banana, cranberries, peaches) then took a very long nap, then got up and worked for the rest of the night and went to bed very late again on Wednesday.

When I got up on Thursday, I was still hungry, and Wednesday’s bagel sandwich had been so good that I decided to make another one. So that’s what I had.

Then for dinner Thursday I had spaghetti with bread crumbs and some pomegranate for dessert, which was very good and really hit the spot, but as noted, not so good in the veggies department.

On Friday, I had to head out to finish up a project, so I had a bowl of oatmeal and an orange for breakfast, and then I worked in Chapel Hill and stopped at La Vaquita on my way home and picked up a chicken burrito, which was very good. Then I had a late-night snack of a bagel with cream cheese and some cereal with milk and a banana.

More carbs, still no veggies.

On Saturday, I had a bagel with peanut butter and a soft-boiled egg and fruit and some cereal with milk for breakfast, and I finally got around to cooking the vegetables I had bought on Wednesday for dinner — Saturday is when I made Peanut Millet with Curried Vegetables, which I posted the recipe for last week.

On Sunday, I had a bagel with cream cheese and a banana for breakfast, and leftover millet with curried vegetables for dinner. I also had a snack of popcorn, popped on the stove in canola oil, with a little bit of salt and a little bit of sugar and a little bit of powdered ginger sprinkled on it, and a root beer that had been in the fridge for months.

Thus Endeth Week Two.

So like I said, not the greatest week health-wise, but not expensive either. Could have been worse.

2 Responses to “Week Two”

  1. Lori Says:

    I find your journey oddly interesting.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kate Says:

    “I actually tend to spend less because I end up skipping meals and/or eating what I have around, and often I go for the lowest common denominator of straight carbs.”

    I do the same thing. Or like you, I incline towards no-thought, not-to-unhealthy options like eggs. I think it’s a good way to go, because there will always be crazy weeks.

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