Week Six

Friday, February 19, 2010

I will try to make this quick as I have already expended most of my blogging energy for the evening and Week Six (2/8 – 2/14) was pretty crappy all the way around. The less time I spend thinking about it the better.

I started off on Monday 2/8 not feeling well at all and ate several small meals of whatever was easiest — leftover biscuits, granola, popcorn, salmon casserole, fruit — in between naps.

Tuesday I felt slightly better but still not all that great, and again mostly ate things that didn’t involve much effort: granola with soy milk, bagel with peanut butter, oatmeal, fruit.

Wednesday I was feeling better but had meetings at 9am, noon, and 4pm, which makes it really difficult to get anything done other than go to meetings. Not so great when you’ve just spent two days not doing what you were supposed to be doing because you felt crappy.

The noon meeting was at Parker & Otis (or, as we like to call it, Parker Notice) so I had a roast beef sandwich and potato chips there for lunch. For dinner I finally got through the end of the salmon casserole and then had some granola and soy milk and fruit for dessert, along with a little bit of chocolate.

I had another lunch meeting on Thursday, but that was a brown bag lunch meeting so I didn’t eat because my lunch generally comes several hours after everyone else’s lunch so I decided just to wait until I was ready to eat and not worry about taking anything to the meeting.

But after three days of many meetings and not so good food, I wanted to make something with vegetables on Thursday. I looked in Vegetarian Planet and found a recipe for African Vegetable Stew with cauliflower and collards and potato and sweet potato that sounded pretty good.

Week Six

Week Six

[Visit the Expense Summary page if you’re interested in cumulative totals.]

So I headed to Whole Foods and bought what I needed for the recipe — potatoes (Russet Potatoes), cauliflower (Cauliflower Og), collards (Green Collards Og), raisins (Bulk Organic Thomp), and millet (Organic Hulled Mil) — along with some bananas (Yellow Bananas Cv), kiwi fruit (Kiwi Bin Og), mango (Mango Og), tomato (Tomatoes Roma Og), and roasted almonds (Whole Almonds).

And I made that for dinner, and it looked very pretty and the vegetables tasted pretty good but overall it’s not that great. And unfortunately it made kind of a lot, and it has potatoes in it which tend to not freeze well. I gave some away and am doing my best with the rest.

I was debating whether to post the recipe even though it wasn’t that great, and was discussing it with my friend who I gave it to, since she said it wasn’t bad. I said, “Should I post the recipe?” and she said, “Mmmm. No.”

So I’ll put up a recipe for something I actually like for Week Six, not the African stew.

Friday I had granola and an orange for breakfast and was in the middle of a horrible project and took a break at 7:15pm to go get a burrito at Cosmic to get me through the rest of the night. And it started snowing while I was walking over there, and I had not heard anything about an impending snowfall, which usually you can’t avoid hearing about even if you live in a cave. I was like, “What is this white stuff falling from the sky?” It was totally weird.

On Saturday, I had oatmeal and an orange for breakfast, and leftover Cosmic chips and a pear and some almonds for a snack, and leftover beef stew with leftover brown rice for dinner.

On Sunday I had oatmeal and squash bread and a banana and juice for breakfast, and cheese and crackers and an apple for a snack, and African vegetable stew and a toasted bagel for dinner.

Thus endeth Week Six, a week just as soon forgotten.

One Response to “Week Six”

  1. Susanne Says:

    I’ve looked at that recipe myself & thought it looked good so am glad for your input. Of course, I might love it; then again, life’s short & my recipe collection runneth over, so I think I’ll listen to you & pass. One thing I’ve realized from reading your (delightful) blog is that I eat too much. End of. And now I’m hungry…

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