Month Two Totals

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Well February was even more under budget than January, but I suspect things will start to even out in March. One of the reasons I wanted to do this project for a little longer than the Dollar a Day thing is that my food expenditures tend to ebb and flow — sometimes I spend hardly anything because I’m living out of the freezer and pantry, and sometimes I spend a lot because I have to restock everything, or I have people over for dinner, or whatever. I’m figuring March will likely be a bigger month.

For February, total expenditures for cook-at-home food was $66.01.

Breakdown is as follows:

Whole Foods $52.69 (80%)
Compare $10.10 (15%)
Bruegger’s $3.22 (5%)

I made seven trips, all of them on foot, with an average expenditure of $9.43. The cheap trips to Compare are dropping my average.

I also spent about $5 on chocolate at Trader Joe’s, of which half was for The Scrap Exchange gallery opening and half I ate here. So that’s another $2.50. I’m not taking a hit for the other Trader Joe’s stuff because I’m considering those leftover freebies. Cheater.

Not including my trip to Charlotte at the beginning of the month, which was covered by per diem money, I spent $26.79 on snacks and meals out. I also spent $49.22 on work-related meals out, which is higher than usual because I took someone to lunch at Rue Cler to help me with some things and paid for her meal as well as mine. Otherwise pretty standard.

One Response to “Month Two Totals”

  1. Abby Says:

    I spent $14.00 at the grocery store this weekend, and brought my lunch today, but now I am sitting at work contemplating spending .85 on a candy bar from the vending machine, which would turn into $1.70 by the end of the day because one candy bar makes me want another!

    It is amazing how much eating away from home, even getting a snack from a machine, is more expensive than just eating from the grocery store. Just goes to show the importance of planning ahead in saving money on food.

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