Week Thirteen

Monday, April 19, 2010

Short, short, SHORT!

You don’t need my life story. Here’s Week Thirteen (4/12 to 4/18).

One shopping trip. Wednesday 4/14. To get stuff for Hoisin Chicken with Garlic, truly one of my favorite recipes ever.

If I were telling you my life story, I’d tell you about how the first time I made it was on New Year’s Eve, for my friend Christine who hates New Year’s as much as I do. (And this was when we were young and fresh, and had friends, and jobs and money and everything. People think it’s cause we’re old and bitter that we hate New Year’s but not true. We’ve always hated it.) I figured a recipe with eight cloves of garlic would be perfect for an anti-New Year’s party. And it was. And it was an epic evening.

But I’m not telling you my life story, just my grocery list.

I had chicken breasts in the freezer from the previously dismembered chicken, and scallions, carrots, celery, and hoisin sauce from prior purchases. (Scallions were from Break Week, for anyone who is going over this with a fine-tooth comb and doesn’t remember seeing that before — there were three left, and they looked mostly still edible. Hoisin sauce is like ketchup, it’s one of those things that is always there.)

Week Thirteen

Week Thirteen

So I bought some bulk cashews, a head of garlic, and a serrano pepper that was rung in initially as a jalapeno until I told them what it was and the cashier rang it in again.

Total $2.45.

I was busy with work and taxes so had another week of not-so-great food.

I had four meals of cereal (Bryant’s granola mixed with cornflakes — I decided winter-storm season was safely over and I could break into the cereal stash from January ) with milk accompanied by fruit: strawberries and/or apples and/or orange juice.

Three meals of Hoisin Chicken over white sushi rice. Recipe to come.

Two meals of leftover dip and tortilla chips, and then the rest of the chips went in the freezer. And I now remember why I pay more to get an eight-ounce bag of tortilla chips instead of a 16 ounce bag. One person should never have 16 ounces of tortilla chips in the house.

One meal of brown rice and a baked potato with cream cheese. (Thanks to the commenter who gave the tip about cream cheese in a potato, it was great!)

One meal of peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a banana.

One meal of pasta with olive oil and garlic, and a Sahlens hot dog, and green peas. (Yes, weird meal. It was late. That’s what I wanted. What can I say.)

One meal of fried eggs, cheese grits, sausage, english muffin, and fried apples.

Snacks: hard-boiled eggs, really really big bowl of popcorn, dried fruit, tortilla chips.

Desserts: Girl Scout cookies! And a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Milk and Cookies ice cream, which does not come out of the food budget as it is an entirely optional purchase. No apologies for that, I think everyone should consider their ice cream purchases the same way they consider renting movies or going out for beers. It’s entertainment, not food.

Is that the right number of meals? Oh, and some fabulous pollo tacos from the place at the corner of Club and Roxboro. Those are some good tacos.

That’s what I got. Take it or leave it.

5 Responses to “Week Thirteen”

  1. Lorrie Says:

    I do love your honesty! Funny how a person’s quotidian (Don’t you love that word?) activities can be so entertaining! Your quick meals when you are busy remind me of when my husband and I were first married and both working. Sometimes we’d have popcorn and cheddar cheese for dinner on a Friday evening, and maybe a beer. Delicious! And I like your take on ice cream. We always have ice cream in the freezer and I consider it medicine, not food, sort of like chocolate.

  2. fernando Says:

    what if I tell I love more to read about your life than your recipies?

    still one of this days I’m gonna try to make something from your evergrowing list.
    I promise.

  3. connie Says:

    i love your emails. always gives me a tip of something to do or try…you eat crazy like us at times…

    keep them coming….

  4. lessisenough Says:

    I think everyone is secretly a voyeur and personal blogs give them a chance to follow someone’s life. Like a little mini reality tv show.

    I think that going into this project I was thinking that reporting on what I was eating would force me to eat better, because I wouldn’t want to write down a bunch of crap. And it worked for a little while, I think I started out okay, it just got harder as it went along. And then I decided that my not so great food is still way cheaper than what most people eat, and not all that bad given the alternatives, and probably writing about what actually happened and what I did would be at least as valuable, if not more valuable, than writing about the more ideal diet I had in my mind when I started. Which no one else is going to eat anyway and people would probably start to to hate me for it. Like Martha Stewart. No one wants to read about effortless perfection.

  5. lessisenough Says:

    Much easier to write about food than life stories! Otherwise I would have to think about what to write. Grocery list and recipes are always there.

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