Week Fifteen

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Last one?

I made the granola bars/blobs Sunday night 4/25 so spent much of Week Fifteen (4/26 – 5/2) eating granola.

Monday I had much granola while I worked then finished up the sesame noodles and edamame from Week Fourteen for dinner, with kiwifruit for dessert along with a bowl of corn flakes

I was again stuck inside working and eating granola for many hours on Tuesday and finally took a break to go get something for dinner but couldn’t decide what I wanted and finally decided that what I wanted was a roast beef sandwich and pasta salad, so I just went to Whole Foods.

Week Fifteen, part I

Week Fifteen, part I

Bought roast beef sandwich stuff — about a third of a pound of roast beef (In House Roast Beef), half a loaf of sourdough bread (Half Sourdough), a tomato (Tomatoes Roma CV) and an onion (organic red onions). I also bought a yellow onion (Onions Sweet Texas) and some salad fixins — loose salad mix (Lettuce Spring Mix), mushrooms (Mushroom White 8 oz), and a cucumber (Cucumber Cv). And a can of tomatoes (All Purpose Crushe) because I was considering making tomato soup but ended up not.

I was going to get a green pepper to use in my pasta salad with the red onion, but green peppers were $1.99 and red peppers were $2.49 and I like red peppers way more than green peppers so if I’m going to pay two dollars for a green pepper, I might as well spend an extra fifty cents and get a red pepper (Peppers Bell Red C). I also got a reload on bananas (Yellow Bananas Cv) and some pasta (Penne Rigate Pasta).

When I got home, I made a very basic pasta salad with red pepper, onion, oil and vinegar, and basil and had that with a roast beef sandwich (on sourdough bread with onion and tomato) for dinner.

On Wednesday I finally finished one of the things I’d been working on and after that made biscuits and bacon and eggs and a smoothie for a combination breakfast/lunch/dinner and then took a nice long nap and then tried to regroup.

On Thursday, I had granola and fruit for breakfast and roast beef sandwich and fruit for dinner and I finished another big thing I’d been working on.

On Friday I had a really good fried green tomato BLT at the Weathervane at A Southern Season with a work friend to celebrate the two big things we’d been working on for months and months that were finally done.

On Saturday, I decided I should deal with the mushrooms, so I chopped those up and sautéed in olive oil with garlic. I mixed some into my  scrambled eggs and wrapped up the rest and put them into the freezer. I had an English muffin and fried apples to go with the scrambled eggs and mushrooms, and I did not have any strawberry shortcake at the Strawberry Festival but I did have a little bit of whipped cream.

Later, I stopped at King’s on my way home from Lowe’s and bought a chicken and could not help myself and also bought a chuck roast, as I had been temporarily obsessed with the idea of making a pot roast. Not sure where this is coming from. Maybe too many weeks of cereal.

I also bought a potato and some green beans.

The King’s receipt is missing in action. Sorry. I’ll put it up later if it turns up. The total was $14.66 — the chicken was small, less than three pounds, and around $1.39/lb so the total was around $4 and the chuck roast was around $9. Which means that the green beans and potato weren’t much at all.

When I got home, I decided it was time to deal with the freezer, which was not in great shape after many weeks of erratic eating.

I processed the bag of random bread scraps into bread crumbs and pulled out all the  things I’d been saving for stock — shrimp shells and chicken bones and such — and made shrimp stock and poached the chicken from King’s along with the chicken bones. I pulled the meat off the chicken and had some for dinner along with a big salad, using the salad mix I bought on Tuesday and had almost forgotten about. The rest went into the freezer.

So after Saturday’s effort, I ended up with a freezer that contained about two cups of bread crumbs, two servings of sautéed mushrooms, two and a half quarts of chicken stock, two and a half quarts of shrimp stock, and three cups of cooked chicken. And no more bags of random things falling out of the freezer every time I open it.

I’ve also been restocking the frozen bananas, which had been completely depleted, and there were macadamia nuts and pecans left from the granola. So my freezer is actually  in pretty good shape again.

On Sunday, I had oatmeal and an apple for breakfast then mix-and-match dinner of everything else I had hanging around in the refrigerator: cheese and crackers with tomato, pasta salad, carrots, dried figs, almonds.

Time for a fresh start.

4 Responses to “Week Fifteen”

  1. Lorrie Says:

    Last one!?? Do you mean this is your last post or your last report for this project? Any new projects you are considering? I hope you continue your blog. I would miss it if you stopped.

  2. lessisenough Says:

    Last weekly grocery report.

    There are many partially written posts that I would like to finish about food, and cheap food, and cooking and health so I’m definitely going to take care of those. But I’ve had my fill of reading about health and nutrition. I am trying to get my hands on Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food so I can give him the last word. I know there are others I said I was going to read — like David Kessler’s book and some others that people have recommended — but I feel like I’m done. For a little while at least. It’s all sounding like blah blah blah at this point.

    But reading all these food books and thinking about it so much has made me more and more interested in the idea of how we got to this place where processed food is the norm, and people outsource all their cooking and cleaning and everything domestic. That ties into all kinds of things — industrialization and the feminist movement and the rise of consumer culture — and I’ve been doing some reading on that and hopefully will have something to say about some of those subjects soon.

    And I’m not totally opposed to doing another exhibitionist project where I report on everything I’m doing but after a while it starts to feel like a chore, one more thing I have to do. I’d like to write what I feel like for a little while. If there’s a groundswell of support for continued exhibitionism, I’ll see what I can work out.

  3. Lorrie Says:

    I don’t blame you one bit for not wanting to report everything you are eating or doing, etc. Truthfully, I don’t find that the most interesting part of your blog, except as these reports are examples in your own life of how you are practicing what you preach. I like your thoughtful musings about the lifestyle issues that you mentioned. They make me think about things in a way that I might not otherwise, though, for the most part, my philosophy of life seems similar to yours, so maybe I just like being validated. Anyway, I’m glad you plan to continue. You are a great writer. Perhaps some day you might turn some of this stuff into a book or your own, or a column in a newspaper. Keep up the good work. I am definitely a fan!

  4. lessisenough Says:

    Thanks for the support. I think the reporting is okay in spurts, and forces me to think about things in a way that I don’t normally when I’m just doing what I do. And that’s generally good, but also a little weird. And would have been better if I didn’t have so many other things going on.

    I used to have a much nicer life, with a lot more free time. But over the past couple years it seems like I keep adding things without ever taking anything away. But it hasn’t really registered that things have changed — or I’m in denial about it or something — and I end up committing to things that I probably shouldn’t then everything has to get shifted around so I can get it all done and it all feels a little bit nuts.

    I have all kinds of things I’ve been thinking about writing, but it was all I could do to get the reports done. So now that that’s done, I’m hoping I’ll be able to get some of the other pieces wrapped up.

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