Week Fourteen

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So the thing about writing this blog is that the longer I go without writing something, the easier it is to forget that I’m supposed to be writing. Nothing happens if I don’t put up a blog post. I don’t lose money, no one calls me and asks me where that blog post is or if I’m planning on writing something or if everything is okay. So after my week off last week, it’s been hard getting motivated again.

But through a great effort of will, I’ve overcome the inertia and here I am.

I’ll wrap up the last two weeks of April, and then hopefully write up some overview-type posts. The only reason I’m tempted to keep going with the weekly reporting is because I had so many pathetic weeks of cereal and peanut butter sandwiches. I’d like to think that this is not representative of my actual life, but who knows, maybe I’m just deluding myself. Maybe it would be better to stop tracking and let me believe this was just an aberration. (It’s also possible that the act of blogging itself makes my life nuts enough that my normal eating routine is thrown off, in which case I will never have a normal month as long as I am writing about it and only by not writing about it can I get things back to normal. Like the observer effect in physics, where the act of observing something changes what is being observed. Hmm…)

But enough of that. On to Week Fourteen.

Week Fourteen (4/19 – 4/25) was moving toward the end of my crazy busy weeks, but was again mostly pathetic.

I was stuck dealing with work stuff on Monday and didn’t get out of the house until late, but I did eventually manage a trip to Whole Foods.

Week Fourteen, part I

Week Fourteen, part I

But I was again not inspired when I got there, so got mostly fruit — dried figs (Unsulphured Turkis), strawberries (Berries Straw 1# P), kiwifruit (Kiwi Bin Og), an apple (Applies Granny Smit), a pear (D’Anjou Pears Og) — along with a quart of milk (Lowfat Milk 32 oz) and a potato (Potatoes Russet Cv).

Total with the $3 in bottle return and $0.10 bag refund was $7.44.

Monday was lots of grains (oatmeal, toast, brown rice, corn flakes, granola), some fruit (apple, strawberries, orange juice), some nuts (peanut butter, cashews), and some carrots. And some Girl Scout cookies.

Tuesday was the last of the Hoisin chicken, some carrots and peanuts for snacks, figs and Girl Scout cookies for dessert. Breakfast was cereal with strawberries and milk along with toast with peanut butter. And actually, that’s what I had for breakfast pretty much all week so I’m going to stop repeating that every day.

When I wrote up my weekly post about Week Thirteen, I was reminded about how great those tacos from the stand on Roxboro and Club were, so I went back for another round of those for dinner. They’re my new favorite thing — and I’ll probably go again tomorrow now that I’m thinking about them again. It’s a vicious cycle.

I taught my cleaners class on Thursday 4/22 and was going out of town on Friday 4/23 so stopped at Whole Foods in the midst of my running around for that to get stuff to make granola bars, which I wrote about separately and, as noted, I didn’t actually make before going out of town.

Week Fourteen, part II

Week Fourteen, part II

While I was there getting the granola stuff (receipt posted separately), I bought some bananas and a bag of Pink Lady apples, which are my second favorite apple after Granny Smiths, and which Whole Foods has been selling in three pound bags with these little mini apples. They’re great.

After running around doing class stuff, I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a banana and a glass of milk and a Kind bar. Then I ran around some more, then had class, and after that, I made sesame noodles and cooked a bag of edamame which I had in the freezer, which was presumably on some past receipt. For dessert I had a bowl of cereal with strawberries and milk.

On Friday, I got up and had meetings then ran around then had more meetings then ran around some more. While I was running around the first time I stopped at Cosmic and got a chicken deluxe burrito, which I ate after my second meeting and before the second session of running around. Then I drove to Fairfax for my Scrap event.

On Saturday, I had Hampton Inn breakfast bar food for breakfast and not-yet-granola for lunch and Korean barbecue for dinner and a Snickers Blizzard for dessert on the ride home. All of which was good, and none of which is included in my monthly totals — Hampton Inn because it was included with the room, which was paid by someone other than me, granola and Blizzard because they came from the per diem money, and Korean barbecue because the tab was picked up by one of my nice, generous friends.

On Sunday, I attempted to recover from Saturday with fruit and grains — oatmeal, raisins, apple, smoothie, brown rice. I also had an Idaho Sunrise with cream cheese, and a little bit of vegetarian chilli over the rice for dinner, and a pear and some almonds for dessert.

And that was it for Week Fourteen.

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