Not Working

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Okay so I was supposed to be working on Friday, and I don’t usually work on Fridays because no one really ever needs anything at the end of the day on Friday, they’re not going to look at it until Monday, and definitely no one ever needs anything from me on Saturday, so I really have until Monday morning to finish things, so Friday and Saturday are my days off and Sunday is a work day.

But I’m going out of town next week and there’s a bunch of stuff I want to get done before I leave, so I worked Friday and was trying to work Friday night (that’s not totally weird, usually I work nights), but I have so much trouble trying to make myself work during hours when I don’t normally work. I did manage to have a good afternoon and get some things done, and then took a break for dinner and then looked up some things online to ease myself back into work and got completely sucked into reading about Tim Ferriss and Penelope Trunk.

Did I really need to spend two hours on that? No, I did not.

But in an effort to not have it be a complete waste of time, I decided to write a blog post about it and share what I learned with the world at large. Which buys me a little more time of not working. And allows me to delude myself into thinking this was not a complete waste of time. Even though we all know that it was.

And what’s even worse is that most of what I was reading was from two (or more) years ago. I’m so out of the loop!

I definitely heard about Tim Ferriss when his book The Four Hour Work Week came out and I thought it sounded like a total crock and I googled it and him, and everything I found was like wow this looks so fascinating, what a genius is Tim Ferriss. I was like what? How do other people not think this is a total crock? Am I crazy?

Then a few months ago, I learned that there is a whole class of people involved in “lifestyle design” — they call themselves “lifestyle entrepreneurs” and engage in things like “geographic arbitrage” and I’m like wow this all sounds like a crock too. And it all sounds very Tim Ferriss-y. And it turns out that in fact huckster Tim Ferriss did spawn a whole industry of 25-year-old male people attempting to follow in his huckster footsteps.

At some point while I’m avoiding work and looking up lifestyle design and trying to figure out what the heck it is, I find this fabulous website called Beyond Growth that calls bullshit on all of the hucksters and has a great parody article about the whole lifestyle design thing.

Love it! Totally dead-on.

I’ve had to try to make myself work a lot lately on something that is almost but not quite done, but that I am definitely done with. (It’s unfortunate when the two things don’t coincide.) So I’ve been in a desperate search for new things that I can do on my computer without actually working. (I really should just install solitaire or something and solve this problem for good, I can only play solitaire for so long before I realize I have to go work, but I can follow links forever … and then write blog posts about what I found following links … which makes me feel like I did something productive. When I did not. Could I write a blog post about solitaire? I do not think that even I am capable of writing a blog post about solitaire.)

So last night when I was desperately seeking procrastination options I was like Beyond Growth! I haven’t checked that in ages, I wonder if there’s anything new. And I discovered that Tim Ferriss has a new book out. So of course I had to read all of the posts about that.

The site has a great review of it (“In his new book The 4-Hour Body, author of The 4-Hour Workweek Tim Ferriss makes the giant leap from get-rich-quick guru to extreme fad diet guru”), and referenced Penelope Trunk, who is a famous blogger who I had never heard of (I guess I need to get out more … or less?) so I did a search for “Penelope Trunk Tim Ferriss” and got lots of interesting things including this metafilter post about Penelope Trunk and Tim Ferriss that I thought was completely hilarious.

So if any of you have heard of Tim Ferriss and couldn’t understand how people wrote favorable reviews of his book and/or if you have been trying to understand what lifestyle design is, feel free to follow the links contained in this extremely important post, that I am offering to you all free of charge.

You should read this one too, it’s funny.

If I can’t work, the least I can do is keep other people from working. Because really, that’s what I’m here for. To keep the world from working.

And now the internet is going OFF.

Off off off.

And I am going to work.

Hope all is well with y’all.

More on food soon. After my work is done. And my vacation is over. And I cook something worth writing about. Which hopefully will be soon.

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  1. Carlon Says:

    Thanks for he link to my article. Glad you enjoyed it .

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