Still here…

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I just remembered that I had this thing called a blog where I was supposed to write stuff.

It’s been a crazy ten days.

Here’s link to a video that talks about Day 4.

Days 5 through 10 were just as exciting. On Thursday (Day 6), Greenfire told us we had to be out of our 8000 sq ft retail space that we’d been in for ten years by Monday. Have you ever had to move in two days without having packed anything? I don’t recommend it. Especially if you are an organization that collects materials for a living.

But we did it, thanks to a lot, a lot, a lot of help. I think we had more than 200 people show up to help us get everything out. It was pretty amazing.

There will probably be a new video soon, but it’s moving too fast to keep up with.

Hope all is well with everyone out there.

One Response to “Still here…”

  1. fernando Says:

    hi.. yes, we’ve been missing you.

    But Im following some of yoour advices.


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