Monday, July 4, 2011

As noted in a recent post, one of the articles I read when I was thinking about blogging said that one of the things to avoid when blogging is apologizing for not blogging. So I don’t think I’ve ever actually apologized for not blogging, but I’ve definitely felt the urge, and I’ve certainly seen my share of bloggers apologizing for not blogging.

I was reading the New Yorker tonight and there was an article about the artist Cory Arcangel, whose name I didn’t recognize but after getting into the article realized that I had heard about him in a great documentary I saw at Full Frame a few years ago called 8-Bit, about people creating art out of old videogames. (Cory Arcangel did a piece that consisted of the clouds from Super Mario Brothers; he edited everything out of the code except the clouds, and then made a video of that.)

Another of his projects mentioned in the New Yorker is a blog called Sorry I Haven’t Posted, which consists entirely of blog posts of people apologizing for not blogging.

So the next time I feel like I should be apologizing for not blogging, I’m just going to link to that. It’s brilliant.

(And, even better, Cory Arcangel is from Buffalo…)

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