Money for Nothing

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So I’ve been thinking about fundraising lately.

We need to do a little fundraising campaign for The Scrap Exchange and I personally am going to try to raise $10,000. I’m putting in $5,000 of my own money and will try to match that with donations from friends/family/random people I run into on the street.

I had a morning meeting in Chapel Hill last week and took my bike on the bus and then rode home in the afternoon. It was lovely. (Between that and biking to a friend’s in South Durham to watch Women’s World Cup, I’m feeling like I should get a job just so I have a place to bike to every day. Though that seems like not the best reason to get a job.)

So I’m biking home from Chapel Hill and thinking about fundraising, and I was thinking about how when I did my food project and all these people were commenting and saying they were sad that the project was ending and they wanted to keep reading, one of my friends told me I needed to try to do something with this. She suggested I do some kind of pay-per-view thing where I tell people that if I get a certain amount in donations, I’ll write a post.

I’m not sure if that would have worked then, and it certainly won’t work now since I haven’t been writing enough to have any kind of following, but I was thinking about that as I was biking. I was wondering if there was any project that people would pay to see me do — if I get a certain amount in pledges I will do something and write about it every day for a certain period of time.

So I’m biking and thinking and really none of it is likely to bring in any money at all and it would all be a huge time suck. And I’m thinking about the meeting I just came out of and about how the person I was meeting with wants really a lot of things done and then I’m like wait, why don’t I just try to work like a normal person and get paid for it and donate that to The Scrap Exchange?

And I was thinking about how that would definitely make way more money per hour than anything I could do on the side, and I was kind of laughing about it thinking about the PR angle — Woman Works 40 Hours a Week to Make Money!

Could we pitch that to People magazine?

I mean I can just imagine the interview questions … Was it hard getting up every day and turning on your computer? Did you talk to a doctor before you started? Do you think this is going to damage your long-term health? How did you feel? This seems just crazy, where did you even get the idea?

I still like the idea of trying to raise $1,250 with 500 donations in every amount between one cent and five dollars but the logistics of that seem complicated, I’m pretty sure I don’t know 500 people who would make a donation, and I’m feeling pretty lazy right now. I’d rather just work and write a check.

But I am going to post some Scrap Exchange stories, things I like and what I like about it and why I think people should help us. So look for that coming up.

In other news I’ve been getting sucked in to the Pioneer Woman parody sites and have had a few nights down the rabbit hole where I learned a great deal of information I’d probably be better off not knowing about mommy bloggers, mommy blogger wars, and people who make loads of money off of their blogs. And I just have to say that that is totally not worth it. It’s like being reality tv star, Jon and Kate Plus Eight, you shamelessly expose your personal life for the sake of advertising income.

So if I wasn’t convinced before, I am now and the career as a professional blogger is definitely off the table.

Also I made food for Third Friday last week and two of the things I made were really good. So new recipes coming soon.

Hope all is well with everyone out there in world wide web world.

3 Responses to “Money for Nothing”

  1. Ruby Leigh Says:

    If you are not opposed to it, put a chip-in, pay-pal donate or something on this site… and I know at least a few of us would be happy to toss i a couple bucks for the scrap exchange.

  2. fernando Says:

    You can try to get donations from us! maybe is just a matter of asking and telling what is going to be about. I think on the child support programs, they ask for a regular donation and you get a letter from a kid and his story once in a while.
    So, maybe you dont have to go that far, just tell us what is it for, and set up a pay pal account, put in a meter to measure how much money you’ve got so far and how much is missing to the goal.
    You might get surprised.


  3. lessisenough Says:

    Thanks for the support! I’m still working on logistics. I need to look at options for chip-in widgets etc. and see how to link things up to make it easy for everyone.

    We also shot a new video last night — we did one when we moved across the street in May, needed to get an update now that we’re in the new space — so once that’s edited and final I’ll write up the pitch and figure out the donate options and get that all set up. So there will definitely be more on this…

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