Sunday, September 4, 2011

I’ve had a lot of work lately, and when I have a lot of work, I have to make myself stay on my computer longer than I want to.

When I have the right amount of work, after working for two or three hours, I get to stop and go do something else — like go to bed. When I have a lot of work, I work for two or three hours then have to work some more. It’s hard for me to jump directly from one thing to another, so I take a little break with something unrelated — something that doesn’t involve leaving my computer, that I can do without using much of my brain, and that ideally won’t take too much time, because the break usually comes around 1am.

For a while, a few years ago, my break was reading the Carolyn Hax Tell Me About It archive. (I have a total weakness for advice columns.)

This spring, my break was the Brad Cooper trial. (And, for the record, I think that trial was a travesty of justice, there’s no way he should have been convicted on the evidence presented, it was totally ridiculous.)

Lately my obsession has been The Pioneer Woman Sux.

I’d never really looked at The Pioneer Woman until I read the New Yorker article about it, and I learned about PWS through that same article. I thought the Pioneer Woman Sux parody was vastly more entertaining than the “keepin it real” real thing, and in fact I often found it completely brilliant. I thought the comments section was even better than the posts.

So that turned into my between-project break, I would check in and see what was up and would read for way longer than I intended to then go back and work some more. Eventually I became pretty much addicted, checking in every day to see what was new. (Saw a recent comment from someone who said a friend had emailed her a link to the site with the subject line, “Best Time Suck Ever.” Yes, I would have to agree with that.)

Checked tonight and the site says it’s offline for comments until October.


I have no idea what’s going on but it’s very strange that it happened so suddenly. A commenter on Marlboro Woman’s site suggested the possibility of a cease and desist letter. I’m keeping my eye out for news. If anyone hears anything, let me know. [Okay, false alarm on the PWS fan base freak out. Nothing nefarious, just too much going on to deal with a freaking blog, boy do I know that feeling. And I think probably way more people reading than she expected. Know that feeling too.]

Aside from the comedy, I’ve found the whole Pioneer Woman phenomenon fascinating from a sociological perspective, and it ties in to a lot of things I had been thinking about and reading about for the past year or so, in terms of homemaking and feminism and media representations of women’s lives and corporate commodification of all of those things. Then my life went off the rails — first with work then with roof/building/moving craziness then with work again — and my reading list went out the window.

But work is done, and craziness is back to the normal low hum, so hopefully I’ll be able to get back to that and start thinking about all of those things again, and maybe even put together something that’s worth reading.

But before that, it’s fundraising time here at Less Is Enough! It’s going to be like public radio, where regularly scheduled programming gets replaced by begging — I’m going to bring you stories about why I love The Scrap Exchange and why everyone should give it money. I promise I’ll make them worth reading.

4 Responses to “PWS”

  1. I found it amusing that PWS had to post a video explaining why she was taking time off from the blog. And that she chose to practically Witness Protection Plan herself with the lighting.

    And while she doesn’t have enough videos to really allow you to full-on obsess, Harto does have something close to an hour’s worth of My Drunk Kitchen episodes and that should count for something. (

    (I don’t know if you’ll like her or not. I find her to be very amusing and only dislike the fact that she thought of it first.)


  2. lessisenough Says:

    Well geez, people were freaking out — esp. with that comment that raised the question of legal action. Also the timing was weird, what with the trolls and everything last week . And then the very brief announcement that gave no info. Just didn’t really seem like her. Very weird.

    So I’m sadly without entertainment for a little while. But hopefully not forever.

    I’ll try to check out My Drunk Kitchen if I can make it through this week. Just when everything was finally settled down at Scrap Exchange we have to go and have a Grand (Re)Opening. When will we ever learn.

  3. Enjoy the Grand (Re)Opening. The email blast that went out for it make it sound like a, um, grand time.

    “When will we ever learn.”

    Probably about the time when we figure out how to stop the “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” cycle.


  4. lessisenough Says:

    Well the ribbon-cutting at least promises to be fun — they made a Scrap ribbon for the Mayor to cut with Scrap scissors that they also made.

    Ann said she promises this will be the last party we have for a while.

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