Hello, My Name is Somewhere

Friday, October 26, 2012

I do this monthly tech meetup thing and one of the sessions a year or so ago was by a very smart person who works on mobile learning in developing countries, she uses cell phones as handheld computers and builds learning programs around them. It is a very cool concept and was an interesting presentation, and I always like to hear smart people talk, but it wasn’t particularly relevant to anything I do, with one key exception: in her presentation she talked about Google Voice and how you can use it to send text messages from your computer.

This was a total eureka! moment for me as I had been trying to figure out how to send and receive text messages without having to deal with a cell phone. This information completely solved my problem.

So I’ve been using Google Voice, and in general I find Google disturbingly Big Brother-esque, but I’ve been digging Google Voice.

One of its features is that it transcribes voicemail messages for you and sends them to your email. This is a nice idea, and serves the useful function of letting you know that you have a voicemail, but sometimes the accuracy of the transcription leaves something to be desired.

As a case in point, a few weeks ago I was trying to make plans with a friend and didn’t have a phone with me (I think my cell phone might have felt neglected and run away, I have no idea where it is right now) so was relying on Google Voice to try to figure out whether or not we were getting together and what the options were.

Tonight I was deleting things from Google Voice and ran across the voicemail that my friend left during the exchange of texts and was like wow that is some kind of transcription:

But that’s tools, just. Done, call me 590 over to go. I want to go to bed. But. Hello, My name is somewhere or. If we go out anyway. I don’t know if you know that the message and I’ll text you and waiting for you to call me, but you can call me now.

What does that even say? I think the only accurate sentence in there  is “I want to go to bed.”

But I just love “Hello, My name is somewhere.” And “call me 590 over to go” sounds good too, that’s an action sentence if ever there was one.

I think someone needs to collect these and make a poem, like the George Bush Make the Pie Higher one. Or maybe we can develop new phrases, like CB-speak, breaker breaker 19, this here’s the rubber duck.

Funny stuff.

Call me 590 over to go.

Hope all is well with everyone out there, and I’ll try to write something more practical soon. This was just too good not to share.

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