Good Advice for All Occasions

Friday, August 2, 2013

sign at Otsego Lake, Do Not Throw Stones

Otsego Lake, Cooperstown, New York

A friend of mine taught art at an elementary school down the street for a while a few years ago. One of her projects involved collecting a small portion of the leftover campaign signs that litter our highways and byways during election season, and having her students make campaign signs of their own out of them.

So one day, on my way to somewhere else (probably Scrap Exchange), I walked past to see the grassy area in front of the school carpeted with colorful, hand-drawn signs with all manner of advice.

I couldn’t tell you if there were common themes, because I don’t remember what most of them said, except for one. It said, “Be nice to everyone, even at school.”

Except that “nice” was spelled “niss,” and “school” was also spelled in some alternative, highly phonetic manner, so I had to study it for a minute as I walked by to try to figure out just exactly what it said. But once I made sense of it I loved it, and wish I had taken a picture of it, because the words alone fail to capture the true essence of the sign.

Be niss to everyone
even at scoul

I think of that sign often, and was reminded of it when I saw the Very Official signs in Cooperstown, New York advising us all not to throw stones.

Hard to argue with either of those.

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