Vote Hillary Clinton for President

Friday, November 4, 2016

I was completely obsessed with the election until Wednesday when I realized that I was making myself crazy. No one knows what is going to happen, and no matter how many articles I read, or how much analysis I plow through on, I will not get the answer I am looking for — no one can tell me for sure what kind of a world I am going to wake up to on Wednesday, November 9, 2016.

No one can predict whether enough voters from the many groups Trump has offended (women, Muslims, Mexicans, former prisoners of war, people with disabilities … the list goes on and on) will come out to vote against him, or whether Hillary’s debate performances convinced enough people that regardless of what happened with the “damn emails,” as Bernie Sanders so memorably called them, she is a competent adult human who is eminently qualified to be President. (She has actual policies and can speak in complete sentences — all the time, not just for a few minutes.)

No one knows if young people who wanted a cranky old man to be their President will protest by voting for Gary Johnson (of “What is Aleppo?” fame) or Jill Stein. No one knows if Trump’s strategy of targeting groups who typically don’t vote will bring in millions of new voters who will turn the tide in his favor.

No one knows.

I read an op-ed in the New York Times that talked about how it’s not too late to do something, that people should make a plan for voting, they should talk about their plan with other people, they should talk about how they executed their plan after they voted. And they should not be afraid to talk politics. Because it matters.

Al Gore lost Florida in 2000 by 537 votes. Al Gore won the popular vote but lost the election.

Every vote counts.

Most people I know here in North Carolina have already voted. We have several weeks of early voting, and it’s much more convenient than having to go on election day.

[Don’t tell me anything about the early voting results! I’m sticking my head in the sand until the election is over… la la la I can’t hear you.]

Except that my polling place is just down the street from my house and I like voting there. I thought about voting early, thinking that it might make me feel better and stop freaking out so much, but I haven’t yet. I think tomorrow is the last day. I might go tomorrow, but I’ll probably just go to my regular polling place on Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. before I go to work.

That is my voting plan. There is no chance I will forget to vote on Tuesday.

I will be voting for Hillary Rodham Clinton. And you should too. Even if you don’t like her. Even if you don’t trust her. Even if you are a Republican.

Because in the words of former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, she is the only sane, competent person currently running for President.

I emailed a friend who has kids in their 20s. I’m worried about young people sitting out. I asked if her kids had voted, and if they were voting for Clinton. She said her daughter had, and her son was still working out his registration. She said her daughter told her that many of her friends said they weren’t going to vote.

My friend said she sat her daughter down for The Talk. She told her that that was lame. Just look at one issue, she said. Abortion: Trump has said he’ll pick Supreme Court nominees that will reverse Roe v. Wade. If you care about that at all, even if that’s the only thing you care about, you should vote for Clinton.

[And clearly Trump is playing up the Supreme Court issue because that he how he got Evangelicals to support him, because apparently abortion is the only thing that matters to them, serial adultery and complete lack of morals are just fine.]

This was my response:

No kidding. Pick any single issue you care about and Trump has some crazy-ass position on it.

I don’t care WHAT people think of her. It doesn’t matter. I know she’s not your first choice but come on people this is NOT a situation where it’s six of one half dozen of the other, they’re all corrupt politicians, what does it matter anyway. Trump is a crazy person, the only thing he’s done in his life is take money from other people and make himself rich. He has no attention span and can barely put together a coherent sentence. What in the world qualifies him to run the country? This is not an entry-level position!

Geez louise people.

And I’m going to add to that response here.

Trump probably doesn’t have just one crazy-ass position on the issue you care about, he might have two or three positions, all of them expressed in the same paragraph. He’ll just keep saying things so later he can pick the one he decides sounds best and say that that’s his position. He might have a position that is completely different from his vice president’s position. He might have two positions that completely contradict each other — like bringing back coal and promoting natural gas (two fuels that compete with each other in the same market) at the same time.


And he hasn’t just taken other people’s money and gotten rich with it, he’s done it in completely legally and ethically dubious ways. But no one knows for sure because he won’t put out any information.

But one thing we do know for sure is that he thinks that it’s okay to grab women by the pussy. Because when you’re a star, they let you do it. And how do we know he thinks that? Because he said it. We heard him say it.

Do you want to live in a world where someone who brags about grabbing women by the pussy is in charge of the country? Do you?

Okay. Stopping now.

You get my point.

Vote. Your vote matters. Don’t sit out. Don’t vote for a third-party candidate who has no chance of winning.

Vote Hillary Clinton for President.

9 Responses to “Vote Hillary Clinton for President”

  1. Jan Says:

    absolutely agreed!!! and thank you!

  2. Marcia Says:

    This election has been making me crazy. I actively avoid any discussion, actively avoid the news and social media. I can’t take it. That any single person would vote for Trump, much less someone I know and like.

    Just. Can’t. I want to wake up when it’s all over.

  3. lessisenough Says:


    I work late on Tuesday nights so I haven’t even decided when I’ll be able to face it and try to find out what happened. Currently still cowering behind computer screen avoiding anything that might tell me what’s going on.

  4. Elizabeth Says:

    Hey Elizabeth~ so I found you because I’m doing some research on Julie Powell and your article and blog popped up. Now I’m also reading some of your other posts. You write well and I’m intrigued to know what your thoughts are now that the election is over~ way over~ on HRC, Trump, the status of the country…. I was reading that many folks who consider themselves “liberal” or liberal leaning, are starting to stock up on food and other “prepper” type items to be ready for the Trump administration. At the not-quite-eve of the inauguration, do you have any more insights or opinions that you might like to share?
    Another Elizabeth

  5. lessisenough Says:

    Thanks for your comment.

    I’m not sure how I feel about things. Heartbroken, obviously. But I didn’t get hung up on trying to talk the electoral college into changing votes or any of that.

    Basically I’m willing to give Trump and the Republicans a chance to “fix” all of these things that they say are broken. Like for instance I get my insurance through the federal exchange (Obamacare) because I am self-employed with a part-time job, neither of which gets me any kind of group health insurance, and there are things I like about the exchange (primarily that I can actually get health insurance, which was not always possible before, and also the fact that I get much more for my money in terms of what insurers are required to cover) but there are also serious flaws with the way it was implemented. Like for instance the way the subsidy runs through the IRS is completely crazy. But I know that things were done the way they were because providing health care is such a difficult problem to solve. And the Republicans obviously hate Obamacare, they’ve been voting to repeal it for years and years, but they have yet to present a viable alternative. So if they can come up with something “terrific” to replace it, then I’m all for it.

    So basically my attitude on that is go for it, buddy. Show me what you got and we can see how it works.

    I’m trying to not think too much about nuclear holocaust (I’m old enough to have had to worry about that plenty in earlier portions of my life) and I’m reading All the President’s Men, to remind myself of what happened the last time we had an anti-intellectual, anti-elitist, paranoid person in the White House, who did illegal things and told other people to do illegal things.

    That’s how I’m dealing with it for now.

  6. Elizabeth Says:

    Heartbroken. That is an interesting adjective. I think most folks would describe themselves as “afraid”. Afraid of Trump. Afraid of how his presidency will change our lives. Our family is on the other end of the ObamaCare spectrum. We have 4 kids and my husband works in Healthcare (he is not an MD). Our group medical insurance is scheduled to go up to $1200/ mo in Jan for basically major medical. It would be higher if we went with ObamaCare. I don’t know what the Republicans have in mind for healthcare but I read somewhere that they have a “plan” that the Democrats didn’t approve of (something about Planned Parenthood, maybe?). It’s a mess. But we have a big garden, chickens, a small piece of land and wonderful neighbors. We are hunkering down and will watch to see how Trump “fixes” things.

  7. lessisenough Says:

    I guess the reason that I would not describe myself as “afraid” is because I am trying to take a long view and note that America has been through a lot of bad things — and certainly with its fair share of bad presidents — and managed to survive. We are not a dictatorship, Trump doesn’t get to come in and do whatever he wants, he can’t wave his hand and “make it so.”

    I think that things people are afraid of often turn out to be not as bad as it seems like they will be. Or even if they are terrible, people manage to make it through. Or most of them do, at least.

    Also much of our government is handled at the state and local, not federal, level. (This is not exactly good news for me as I live in North Carolina, which seems to have turned into some kind of banana republic where they change the laws when the elections don’t turn out the way they like. After the news of the past few weeks I’m like where am I living, anyway?) This means that no matter what Trump wants to see done, he doesn’t have much control over it because it’s entirely (or almost entirely) out of his hands.

    So basically I’m just waiting to see how it all turns out, and hoping/praying that our institutions, and the people who run them, are up to the task.

  8. lessisenough Says:

    I could move, but I’d rather stay and try to fix things here. I’m not ready to give up.

    North Carolina has a long history of strong leadership. People like Terry Sanford and Bill Friday who helped build a great university system and bring the state through all of the tumult of the 60s. It’s not like it’s been a mess here forever, it’s just the recent GOP takeover that is causing problems and I’m hopeful that the recent election will be the first step in getting things moving in the other direction.

    And on the plus side, I heard from someone who lives in NYC that people he knew who were thinking of moving to NC were reconsidering because of HB2 and the other politics. So I’m hoping the reactionary political climate might be able to put some brakes on the influx of new people to Durham. A few months ago a friend and I were talking with a guy she had known for a long time but didn’t see much anymore, we started talking about how much Durham has changed. He said, “Man, it’s like the hipster apocalypse out there.” And we just totally started laughing because it was so true. The Hipster Apocalypse.

    So I don’t know, reactionary politics is maybe not all bad if it can slow the Hipster Apocalypse.

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