A Story from the Past

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

I wrote a post a little over a year ago that involved several side stories about my friend Sue. I got one private response that said, “More Sue stories please!”

This is for you, you know who you are.


I listen to Fresh Air while I do my work bookkeeping and I was catching up on some work on Sunday and listened to a show that had a review of the recent Tonya Harding movie (I, Tonya). This piece reminded me of one of my favorite Sue stories.

I am confident that this event actually happened, however at this point I can’t figure out the timing. It was definitely around the time of the Olympics, but it was obviously before the kneecapping incident had been exposed. I searched but was not able to find any corroborating video.

Here is the story.

I was at a bar in DC, possibly Sign of the Whale on M Street, waiting for my friend Sue to meet me for a beer. As noted, this was around the time of the 1994 Olympics; figure staking was on TV and the commentator talking heads were discussing the upcoming competition. For inexplicable reasons, they were talking to Jeff Gillooly about his insight. I’m watching this and being confused by the whole thing. Why are they talking to Jeff Gillooly? Why does anyone care what Jeff Gillooly thinks?

Sue shows up and I express my bafflement.

I say they’re talking to Jeff Gillooly about the figure skating. Sue says, “Jeff Gillooly? Why are they talking to Jeff Gillooly??”

Then she gives one of my favorite Sue one-liners of all time.

She says, “Who died and made him Dick Button?”

I do not know why I thought (and continue to think) that was so funny but I did. And I have no idea if anyone else will think this is funny, but every now and then something will make me think of that story and that line continues to crack me up, even now, lo these many years later.

Who died and made him Dick Button.

4 Responses to “A Story from the Past”

  1. tommfranklin Says:

    One night Dick Button came into The Kite Site. He was okay with being recognized and was gracious enough to give me an autograph signed for my mother who still is a huge ice skating fan.

  2. lessisenough Says:

    That sounded like the start of a joke … Dick Button walks into a bar. Or maybe a kite shop…

  3. I have a blog within my website that I call “The Less is More Gazette”. So I was checking my “name” one day and found your blog – and I love it so much! Your wit and sideways look at situations is the best. I even signed up to get info about The Scrap Exchange – although I live in Wisconsin. My LA niece, also an adult woman with sideways humor, and I contact each other when one of your rare birds flies.. Thanks.

    Funny line… “… and made him Dick Buttons…”

  4. lessisenough Says:

    Hahah, thanks for the comment and for visiting. I’m glad that someone else (besides me) likes my stories!

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