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Day Seven
Day Eight
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Day Twenty-Seven
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Day Twenty-Nine
Day Thirty
Day 30 + 1

Comments from Others
Odds and Ends
My Favorite Link…

Story at 7

Important Information Concerning Grits
You Call It Corn…

Other People’s Food Projects
Two Good Projects
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Potential Future Projects
Next Project?
Next Project

Posts that Include Recipes
Free Food (Split Pea Soup)
Day Twenty-Eight (Delicious Uncooked Candy)

Posts that Include Stories about my Aunt Blanche
Day Nineteen
You Don’t Need That Much

Links to Other Interesting Food-Related Things
Two Good Projects
What the World Eats

Posts About Food
What Are You Going to Eat?
Oops… One More
You Call It Corn…
M.F.K. Fisher on How to Eat

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One Response to “Dollar a Day Project Index”

  1. […] and wandering, I happened upon the blog Less is Enough. ┬áThe writer there took up the challenge of eating on $1 a day and did it in a totally different way than I had seen […]

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